Craig Ray & Associates bids farewell to Michaela Sherry

Earlier this month the firm has sadly farewelled Michaela Sherry¬†who worked in our conveyancing team since 2013. Michaela was Sarah Thompson’s right-hand and will be sorely missed. We wish Michaela all the very best for her future endeavours, particularly as she now works towards completing her Practical Legal Training having completed her Bachelor of Laws.

What is the difference between ‘joint tenants’ and ‘tenants in common’?

When two or more people own real estate they are required to specify on the title to the property¬†how their ownership is ‘held’ or constituted. Our legal system recognises two ‘types’ of ownership when there is more than one owner: joint tenancy or tenancy in common. If you are purchasing real estate with another person[…]

The new regime in residential conveyancing is here

The Property Occupations Act 2014 came into effect on 1 December 2014 and has significantly changed the regulation of the real estate industry and consumer protection in buying and selling real estate. In addition to the new laws, the Real Estate Institute of Queensland has published the tenth edition of the standard contract for the[…]

How much should a will cost?

ABC Local Radio Brisbane (612 ABC Brisbane) has recently “broken down” a will-bill on their evenings program. The interview details the many costs and overheads that law practices incur in providing legal services. As with all professional services, lawyers must consider the costs of their overheads when charging their professional fees to their clients. The[…]

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